Deathcoil is overpowered – Proof !

Ahahah! Encontrei esta pérola nos foruns do World of Warcraft.


As we all know, Deathcoil is a very powerful skill. It has been given names like “Skillcoil” and “Lolcoil” to reflect the ease with which it is used, and how effective it is. Warlocks even lovingly call it “Happycoil” !

But… Did we really know just how powerful it is ?

The shocking truth came to me in one of my frequent moments of anti-warlock feelings..

As most of you know, the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, is 42.
The problem however was, to find out what the question behind this answer was. And guess what.

Ask yourself, “When does a Warlock first get the chance to learn Deathcoil?”

O link para a thread aqui: Deathcoil is overpowered – Proof


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  1. gostaria de saber o site do world of waorcraft? ja fui ao google mas nao descobri

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